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Archives for July 2014

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Preparing for Sunday - Habakkuk

Carefully Think Read the book of Habakkuk in one sitting. Who is this prophecy about? Who is the actual audience of this book? Who do you believe initiated this dialogue? What are the key doctrines that God illustrates in this prophecy? What is Habakkuk's first complaint? (1:2-4) What is God's answer? (1:5-11) What is Habakkuk's second complaint (1:12-2:1) What is ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Nahum

Think carefully Read the book of Nahum in one sitting. Observe the attributes of the Lord revealed throughout the book, specifically in 1:1-8. How will God go about destroying the city of Nineveh (Read 2:3-12)? What are the charges against Nineveh; why is God against them (3:1-4)? How are the Ninevites described throughout the book? What does Nahum prophesy about Go...

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Preparing for Sunday - Micah

Carefully Think Read Micah 1-7 in one sitting. What are the major themes that run thoughout this book? Where is Moresheth and what is the time frame of this book in relation to the exile of Israel to Assyria [2 Kings 16-17]? Who are the recipients of the prophecy? What is the coming judgment and is there any hope for God's people? What is the false hope of the peop...

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Preparing for Sunday - Jonah

Carefully Think Read Jonah 1-4. List what you learn about Jonah. What is his fundamental problem with God? What does God do in this book. List what you see. What is God doing with Jonah? How do the pagan people typically respond to God in this book (1:7-16; 3:6-10)? How is this similar or different to Jonah's responses to God? Where do you find Jonah obeying God? Ho...

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New Elder Candidate - Todd Arnold

In 2007, Summit Woods Baptist Church adopted a new Constitution and By-Laws which implemented an elder-led form of church polity. In 2009, the first elders were chosen by the congregation and began serving. Building on this necessary and biblical approach to church polity is a constant prayerful mindset and quest for the existing elders. One of the most important prioritie...

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Preparing for Sunday - Obadiah

Carefully Think Read Obadiah 1:1-21 (the whole book). Who is this prophecy about? Who is it actually delivered to? Read Genesis 25; 27; 28:6-9; 32:3; 36:1 for some background on where Edom comes from. What did Edom think of themselves (1:2-9)? What did Edom do with Jerusalem/Judah (1:10-14)? What would God's response be to Edom (1:15-18)? What would God's response...

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