Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

Father, we come to you this morning in the reality that you are holy and we are not. 

It is by your kindness and mercy that we can even address you this morning. 

You have every right to completely ignore us and, not only that, but to annihilate us, if you so chose to do so. 

But, by your mercy and grace, you don’t. In fact, in your kindness, you have covered us in the righteousness of Christ and allow us to be in your presence.   

You not only allow us, you want us to come to you, because you love us. 

It is difficult to understand why you would love us, but you do.  Moreover, it is astonishing that you would sacrifice your only Son for us. 

Father, help us to not take lightly the privilege you have given us to call you Father. 

We pray that you would forgive us for the ways we have sinned and disregarded you this week.  

Help us now to worship you with clean hearts and clean hands this morning.  Help us to truly realize and appreciate your loving kindness shown to us in every breath you give us. 

Help us to focus and listen attentively to your word today and leave this place with a heart of gratitude for and anticipation of the eternity you have planned for those you allow to call you Father. 

In Jesus’ name….