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Elder's Prayer - March 5

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

Today we are celebrating and praising God for His goodness, mercy and kindness to our church body, so to that end I will be using Ps 148, as the basis for my prayer this morning

(Please read Ps 148)

Lord, help us, as the Psalmist did, to enthusiastically praise Your name

Let all things praise Your name!

You are indeed worthy and worthy to be praised, we can never fully comprehend your magnificence in this life, as it is beyond our understanding

Help us to continually recount to our children and our children’s children, the mighty things You have done in our lives, including the mighty things You have done in our church body, the multitude of ways You have and continue to bless us in this place

For this we praise Your name!

May we remind ourselves often of these things when our hearts are weary and tired, please prompt us to never forget the work of Your hand here, help us to continually meditate on Your faithfulness and works on our behalf…and give You praise!

The amazing things You have done and continue to do are testimony themselves to your greatness, these things testify to Your worth of being praised!

You are the Lord and Creator of all things, seen and unseen. You could have destroyed us with a breath and would be considered just in doing so, yet You chose to love us and to be gracious to us and merciful to us

Let all creation praise Your name!

You are good to all and Your mercy is over all

Father, we praise Your holy name…being mindful that the only reason we can do that is because You, again, in Your kindness and mercy, have sent Your Son to redeem us…

In the name of Your Son Jesus’ we pray…