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Archives for November 2015

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Preparing for Sunday - 2 Corinthians 4:7-12

Carefully Think Read 2 Corinithians 4:7-12. Reflect on your current understanding of this verse. Read 2 Corinthians 1. How is Paul framing this letter? What is are a couple of his main points in this letter's introduction? Read 2 Corinthians 4. Do you see any themes related to chapter 1? In 2 Corinthians 4:7, what treasure is Paul referring to? What are the "jars of ...

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Preparing for Christmas and Advent

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of Advent, and our anticipation, personally and corporately, begins to look forward to our celebration of Christmas. Christmas, more than any other annual celebration in the Christian calendar, has such a rich tradition of corporate and family singing. Singing Christmas carols and hymns can evoke such wonderful memories of our time togeth...

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What We Teach: The Timing of the Table?

Recently, we were asked by someone attending our church as to our reasoning behind how often we participate in the Lord's Table. That is a great question. For those of you who have enjoyed this time with us you know that the Lord's Table is a highlight for us here at Summit Woods. A number of years ago, we celebrated the Table once each quarter (our bylaws call for us to ...

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Reminder - Prepare for Sunday Matthew 24:16-28

Remember to begin preparing yourself and your family for the gathering of believers tomorrow to worship, instruct and fellowship, giving honor and glory to our Great God. Take some time to review the Preparing for Sunday post this week. You can find it in your weekly email newsletter or on the church website. Read through the Bible text for tomorrow, review the post, and...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 24:16-28

Carefully Think Read Matt 24:1-31, focusing on 16-28 Review last week's sermon to remember a biblical context of "let the reader understand" in verses 15. What is Christ saying about the abomination of desolation? What is the difference between the tribulation of v. 4-14 and the tribulation of v. 15-28? How does v. 21 lead us to believe these are future events? What...

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Link Worth Reading - Rethinking Biblical Application

How have you been listening to the sermon? Are you taking time to review and apply the truths, exhortations and convictions? ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 24:15-28

Carefully Think Read Matt 24:1-31, focusing on 15-28 What is the difference between the tribulation of v. 4-14 and the tribulation of v. 15-28? How does v. 21 lead us to believe these are future events? What/who is the abomination of desolation in v. 15? See Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11, and 2 Thess 2:3-4 in their contexts for possible help in understanding. Are these p...

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Baptism Testimonies - Rhett and Taylor Bouvia

This past summer we had a number of baptisms, and would like to present the video testimonies which accompanied each baptism in a series of blog posts over the next several weeks. We have received a number of comments of how encouraging and helpful these testimonies of God's grace have been to our membership, and pray that you will see the greatness of God in how he saves ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 24:4-14

This past Sunday we continued looking at the Olivet discourse. Specifically looking at Matthew24:4-14; where we spent time hearing about the signs of Jesus' return. Remember that Pastor Bret noted the 6 kinds of events that will precede Jesus' return. Theywere: Deception, conflict, natural disaster, persecution, apostasy, and evangelism. We also heard 5reasons to believe ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 24:4-14

Carefully Think Read Matt 24:1-14. How many questions do the disciples ask Jesus in v.3? Are any of them answered here? Who is in danger of being deceived in v. 4? How successful are the false Christs in their deception? (see v. 5, 9, 10, 11, 12) Do you consider yourself at risk for deception? Should you? What is the final display of going astray? (v. 12) Prayer...

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Come and Stand Before Your Maker

During our morning gathering this past Sunday, we introduced a new song to Summit Woods; Come and Stand Before Your Maker. This song of exaltation centers upon the call to worship; especially a believers response to rejoice in God in all circumstances. It is an echo to the psalmist's call in 2:11 "Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling" (ESV), and Paul in Ph...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 23:37-24:3

This past Sunday, Pastor Bret described 2 attitudes toward Eschatology (end times teachings) that were not recommended. One is to avoid thinking about it, the other is to obsess over it. One key reason we should engage our minds and the Scriptures toward end times matters is that the enemy is out to decieve us about such things (Matthew 24:4). Indeed, 1 John 2:18 explains...

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