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Elder's Prayer - Discipleship Now Weekend 2017

Please find below Rob Stouffer's notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday. Good to recognize the obvious this is not a normal Sunday, nor is this normal elder attire. More than 50 students and leaders have been together since Friday at 5pm. We have enjoyed excellent teaching, terrific times of singing, serious conversations about Gods word. Additionally, we worked...

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Worship and our Affections


This past Sunday, the sermon focused on the importance of Worship in the context of Israel's return from exile as found in the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles. As we centered our attention on the sole purpose and focus of worship, God alone, and took thefocus away from ourselves, Pastor Bret quoted a section of Jonathan Edwards writings, concerning preaching and the response o...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 27:45-56

20160327 preparing

Looking Back Last Sunday we spent time together gaining insight into the final moments of Jesus' death on the cross and the unfathomable work accomplished in satifying God's furious wrath against sin. Pastor Bret broke the text into two scenes; the first scene is divine fury revealed, and the second scene is divine fury satisfied. The wrath poured out on Christ displays f...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 27:27-44

20160327 preparing image

Looking Back This past week we were led through Matthew 27:27-44. It was striking that the crucifixion of Jesus was not what was highlighted in this passage, but it was the mocking/shaming of Jesus. We saw three different categories of the way Jesus was mocked: he was mocked as powerless, as foolish, and as Godless. Pastor Bret demonstrated that this is the way the world ...

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Sunday Review - 1 Peter 5:1-5

Looking Back We are so thankful for the group of elders that we have here at Summit Woods and their desire and ability to preach on Sunday morning. Thank you Adam Nahler for drawing our hearts to another characteristic of a healthy church, Glorifying God through Biblical Church Order, from Peter's first letter, 1 Peter 5:1-5. The text was a convicting text in Peter exhort...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 27:11-26

Looking Back As we gathered Sunday, we heard from Matt 27:11-26 the description of the condemnation of Jesus in three phases: suppression of the truth with lies, choosing sin above justice, and condemning the innocent and not the guilty. Pastor Bret then pointed out the same pattern in Romans 1, and in our society today. Pastor Bret then reminded us that this is the norma...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 27:1-10

Looking Back The exposition of Scripture last Sunday examined the false repentance of Judas in light of his repentant actions. The parallels to Peter in his betrayal of the Savior were staggering in that Judas seems to be more repentant than Peter, yet we know the outcome of both Judas and Peter beyond this passage. The most critical element in repentantance and faith is ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:57-75

Looking Back This past Sunday we were reminded of the various ways people responded, and still do respond to our Savior. By looking at the trial of Jesus we saw his rejection, denial, and exaltation. The unbelieving high priest along with the other Jewish leaders entirely rejected and condemned the innocent Christ. Peter was an unfaithful disciple who emphatically denied ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:36-46

Looking Back Last Sunday we went with the disciples and Jesus into the garden of Gethsemene. Pastor Bret exposed us to the text to help us appreciate our Savior in vivid ways as Jesus tells of the weightiness, perfect love and obedience to his Father, moments before the weight of judgement and wrath would come pouring over him. Remember, there were four ways to appreciat...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:31-35

Looking Back This past Sunday pastor Bret preached from the Matthew account of Jesus' announcement to the disciples that they were about to walk away from Him. Their response exposed the reality that they did not realize the turn Jesus' earthly ministry was about to take. The title of the sermon, When God's Unwanted Ways Expose Our Unseen Weakness, strikes to the core of ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:26-30

Looking Back This past Sunday pastor Bret preached through the Matthew account of the Lord's Supper. He demonstrated four different emphasis that should shape our understanding and practice of the Lord's Supper here at Summit Woods. 1) Remember the body of Christ, 2) Remember the blood of Christ, 3) Anticipate the return of Christ, and 4) Worship the fullness of Christ. ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:1-25

This past Sunday we spent time in Matthew 26:1-25 studying the events leading up to the cross. In this text Matthew is emphasizing the betrayal of Christ by Judas. He is explaining the last events leading to the event of betrayal itself. The pinnacle event was when Mary anointed Christ. This is the event that pushed Judas' hatred for Christ over the top, we see the intenti...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 24:4-14

This past Sunday we continued looking at the Olivet discourse. Specifically looking at Matthew24:4-14; where we spent time hearing about the signs of Jesus' return. Remember that Pastor Bret noted the 6 kinds of events that will precede Jesus' return. Theywere: Deception, conflict, natural disaster, persecution, apostasy, and evangelism. We also heard 5reasons to believe ...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 23:37-24:3

This past Sunday, Pastor Bret described 2 attitudes toward Eschatology (end times teachings) that were not recommended. One is to avoid thinking about it, the other is to obsess over it. One key reason we should engage our minds and the Scriptures toward end times matters is that the enemy is out to decieve us about such things (Matthew 24:4). Indeed, 1 John 2:18 explains...

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Sunday Review - Titus 3 - Gospel and Conversion

Are you thankful for our elders? We should be; for their faithful preaching of the Word of God from the pulpit. Thank you Brett Harris for the message last Sunday on Titus 3, examing two of the marks of the church, the gospel and conversion. He helped us understand the responsibility of our conversion is to serve others and do good works, which are all fueled by a life ch...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 24-25

Church, it felt really good to get back into Matthew this past Sunday. If you were not able to attend OR you would like to hear it again, please listen to the sermon online (Click here for the sermon). Pastor Bret gave an overview of Matthew 24 - 25 to get us back in the context of Matthew's letter. He spent a great deal of time before the overview preparing our hearts wi...

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Mid-week Review 05.28.2015

How would you take it if someone showed up to your child's wedding inappropriately dressed to enjoy the fruits of the party but not to celebrate with you? Infuriated? What would you do with them? Allow them to stay? Escort them out? Call the police? Thinking back on last week's sermon, this is similar to the picture we are left with. After so much rejection of the King's ...

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Mid-week Review 05.21.2015

How has last week's sermon and growth group discussions impacted you this week? Are you still thinking through them or have our lives already laid them aside? Last week, the sermon was on Matthew 21:33-46, Jesus was giving a parable regarding the landowner and his tenants. The point of the passage deals with who has correctly viewed their authority in relation to God and t...

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Mid-week Review 05.13.2015

Do you remember the story last week of the love between Jack and Grace? What did you think about Jack before you discovered he was dating the Church and not a girl? Pastor Bret laid out four visible elements of the church and displayed them through the letter of 1 Corinthians; Conversion, Baptism, Lord's Table, and Church Discipline. Reflect on the message (http://tinyurl....

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Mid-week Review 02.19.2015

Thank you Brett Harris for last week's sermon! It is very encouraging to have our elders not only shepherding and teaching, but preaching God's Word as well! Brett Harris preached on John 3:16-21, one of the most well-known sections of the Scriptures to believers and unbelievers alike. John 3:16 is most often removed from its context to look for it's meaning. How have you...

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Mid-week Review

Last Sunday, Pastor Bret finished a two-part message, "A Test Case in Biblical Fidelity". The test case was divorce, presented by the Pharisees in their desire to kill Jesus. The main point of the passage reflects our hearts toward the authority of God's Word in our lives. It is one thing to claim the Bible is true and is God's Word, it iscompletelydifferent to let God's...

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