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Archives for February 2015

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 20:1-16

Carefully Think Read Matthew 20:1-16. Read Matthew 19:16 - 20:16. How does the previous text on the rich young ruler and the disciples response relate to the parable of the laborers in the vineyard? How do we know they relate? Look at Matthew 19:30 and 20:16. How much does the master of the house agree to pay each of the workers through the day? What order does the m...

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Mid-week Review 02.19.2015

Thank you Brett Harris for last week's sermon! It is very encouraging to have our elders not only shepherding and teaching, but preaching God's Word as well! Brett Harris preached on John 3:16-21, one of the most well-known sections of the Scriptures to believers and unbelievers alike. John 3:16 is most often removed from its context to look for it's meaning. How have you...

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Preparing for Sunday - John 3:16-21

Carefully Think Read John 3:1-21. Read John 3:16-21 again. How does this section relate to Jesus' encounter with Nicodemus in 3:1-15? What does "the world" refer to in 3:16? How do you know? How is this word used in John's Gospel to give you some ideas of what it refers to? How has God shown love to the world? Why did it need to be in this way? What does it mean to ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 19:23-30

Carefully Think Read Matthew Matthew 19:23-30 How does this passage relate to the passage preached last week (19:16-22), and even with the rest of Matthew 19? According to Jesus, how difficult is it for a wealthy person to have eternal life? In light of what happened with the Rich Young Ruler, why is it so difficult? Why does Jesus use the illustration of a camel try...

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