Elder's Prayer

Adapted from The Valley of Vision. 

O God of the Exodus, Great was the joy of Israel’s sons, when Egypt died upon the shore.  Far greater the joy when the Redeemer’s foe lay crushed in the dust.  

Jesus strides forth as the victor, conqueror of death, conqueror of hell, and conqueror of all opposition.  He bursts the bands of death, tramples the powers of darkness down, and now lives forever.  

He is our gracious surety.  He accomplished the payment of our debt.  He brought us out of guilt and into forgiveness, out of darkness into light, out of our rebellion and into Your love, He came forth from the prison house of the grave free. He is triumphant over sin, Satan, and death.  

He was despised.  He was rejected.  He was beaten.  He was mocked.  He was scorned and He was crucified.  All done to atone for our sin as our substitute.  All to satisfy your rightful claims of justice.   

Father, give us the assurance that in Christ we died, in him we rise, in his life we live, in his victory we triumph, and in his ascension, we too shall be glorified.  

Adorable Redeemer, who was placed upon a cross has now ascended to highest heaven. Christ, who as a Man of sorrows was crowned with thorns,  Yet now is Lord of life wreathed with glory.  

Once, no shame more deep than his, no agony more bitter, no death more cruel. Now, no exaltation more high, no life more glorious, no advocate more effective.  

What more could be done than what Christ has done?  His death is our life, 
His resurrection is our peace, His ascension is our hope, His advocacy our comfort.  

We praise you Father for the gift of your Son, the sure hope of salvation you grant us through faith and repentance in Christ and in him alone.  May we never grow calloused to the astonishing nature of this gift of salvation we celebrate this Lord’s day and every week when we gather.