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Archives for May 2015

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Mid-week Review 05.28.2015

How would you take it if someone showed up to your child's wedding inappropriately dressed to enjoy the fruits of the party but not to celebrate with you? Infuriated? What would you do with them? Allow them to stay? Escort them out? Call the police? Thinking back on last week's sermon, this is similar to the picture we are left with. After so much rejection of the King's ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 22:15-22

Carefully Think Read Matthew 22:15-22 How do you engage those who want to discuss Christianity with malice?  What does rendering to Ceaser and rendering to God look like for us in the church today?  What are issues where the church at large today may be testing God? In what ways can flattery be dangerous? Prayerfully Meditate Pray that God would help us to...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 22:1-14

Carefully Think Read Matthew 22:1-14 What strikes you as the most surprising aspects of this parable? Reread the previous passage; The Parable of the Tenants (21:33-41). What similarities or differences are there between the responses of the master (ch 21) versus that of the king (ch 22)? How would you catagorize the different responses or attitudes of the people in ...

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Mid-week Review 05.21.2015

How has last week's sermon and growth group discussions impacted you this week? Are you still thinking through them or have our lives already laid them aside? Last week, the sermon was on Matthew 21:33-46, Jesus was giving a parable regarding the landowner and his tenants. The point of the passage deals with who has correctly viewed their authority in relation to God and t...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 21:33-46

Carefully Think Read Matthew 21:33-46. Read Matthew 21:1-46. Thinking through the setting and previous verses what do we see Jesus doing in verses 33-46 as compared to verses 1-32? What is the primary issue Jesus is trying to illustrate? In verse 41, the Pharisees respond to Jesus parable strongly, what is their response? Why do they respond now but they did not in ...

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Mid-week Review 05.13.2015

Do you remember the story last week of the love between Jack and Grace? What did you think about Jack before you discovered he was dating the Church and not a girl? Pastor Bret laid out four visible elements of the church and displayed them through the letter of 1 Corinthians; Conversion, Baptism, Lord's Table, and Church Discipline. Reflect on the message (http://tinyurl....

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Preparing for Sunday - Selected Scriptures

Carefully Think What would you think are the biblical marks that define who is a part of the church of Jesus Christ? Where would you go in the Bible to answer the question above? How would you describe to a non-Christian what it means to be converted to Christ? How would someone know that they are "converted?" Read Acts 2:42-47. How did people identify themselves as ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 21:23-32

Carefully Think Read Matthew 21:23-32. How does this passage relate to the previous events in Matthew 21? In a word, what is the primary issue of conversation between Jesus and the Jewish religious leaders? Why would the religious leaders ask Jesus this particular question (v 23)? Why would Jesus ask them to describe the source of John the Baptist's ministry before ...

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