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Preparing for the Sermon - Luke 1:26-38

The Person and Nature of Christ - Square

Prepare your heart for the Sermon by looking through these suggestions that will assist you in making the most of our time together hearing God's Word.

You will find suggestions for thinking more critically through the passage, meditating more intently on the text, and prayerfully seeking wisdom to deepen your understanding of the passage to be preached this Sunday.

Carefully Think

  • Read Luke 1:26-38 in preparation for the sermon this Sunday.
  • In light of the series this summer, "The Person and Nature of Christ," the focus of this passage is the virgin birth of Christ. Looking through this familiar passage, pray that God would keep it fresh and miraculous as you read and prepare for the week ahead.
  • How is God's sovereign will displayed in verses 26-38 in keeping His covenant promises to Abraham? Why is it emphasized that Joseph was "of the house of David"?
  • What stands out that would have been shocking throughout the entire passage? List key ideas that demonstrate the unique nature of Christ as found verses 26-38.
  • How long had it been since God has spoken to Israel? Who does God typically speak to in the Old Testament?
  • In verses 30-33 the angel's message rings in our ears today as a familiar New Testament passage we review every year at Christmas. What would Mary have heard differently?
  • Why does the angel include in his message to Mary verses 36-37 regarding Elizabeth? Summarize Mary's response in verse 38 in one word.

Prayerfully Meditate

  • In light of the study above, how does this passage highlight the nature and person of Christ as unique?
  • Reflect on the differences from Jonah and his response to God's calling for him and Mary and God's calling for her? How does this highlight also the Sovereign hand of God in preparing the way for His Son to enter the world? 
  • We hear this passage very differently compared to Mary and even the intended audience of Luke. List some of the differences found in these verses between our context and Mary's. How do those differences impact how we understand who Christ is?