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Highlighted Equipping Resource - Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global


The purpose of highlighting these resources is simply to put biblically solid, Christ-exalting, affection-fueling resources in the hands of the members of Summit Woods for their personal growth in the Lord, to equip them to do the work of ministry, and for use in discipleship relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new book for yourself to read in your devotional time, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get together with a brother or sister in the Lord to encourage them in their walk with the Lord – these resources are there to be readily available for you.

Resource on the Church

Missions: How the Local Church goes Global by Andy Johnson - $15

Every local church should be engaged with global missions, even if most individuals in the church aren't called to go overseas. But what does this engagement actually look like? How can local churches train, send, and support missionaries well? Unpacking principles from the Bible and applying them in the context of real life in a local church, this new book in the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches series is filled with practical steps and advice for supporting missionaries, forming international partnerships, sending short-term teams, and engaging with the nations here at home. This book casts a vision for the local church as the engine of world missions—for the joy of all people and the glory of God.

“What a helpful book! Andy Johnson has a clear eye on the gospel as he helps us think through the basic principles a sending church needs to have in place before anyone leaves for the field. Drawing on years of experience as a missions pastor, Andy skillfully and winsomely tackles what it means to have healthy mission partnerships. He then helps us think through a number of modern missionary issues: short terms, the international church, and more. I long for every church with a shred of missions interest to read and apply this book.”
―J. Mack Stiles, Pastor, Erbil International Baptist Church, Erbil, Iraq

“Johnson has given the church a gift in this practical guidebook for launching, sending, and sustaining missional endeavors in your local church. Every believer should read this book!”
―Robby Gallaty, Lead Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee

“In an increasingly post-Christian society, you may feel the mission pinch. How can we give our time, energy, attention, finances, and personnel to global missions when the needs are so great, and growing, here at home? If you feel buried in local needs, this short book may be exactly what you need to lift your head to God’s international work and glory, open your eyes to the global cause in which we minister, and expand your heart to be more like his. Perhaps what your busy and bruised church needs is precisely a vision and passion for what God is up to around the world and not just around the corner. Cultivating a heart for God’s global glory and sending our best people and resources into his cause will not detract from ministry at home. It will make it powerful and real.”
―David Mathis, Senior Teacher and Executive Editor,; Pastor, Cities Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota; author, Habits of Grace

“This book is biblical, thoughtful, challenging, encouraging, and gospel-centered. I really appreciate the way Andy Johnson emphasizes two main points: (1) the Great Commission continues to be the priority of the plan of redemption, and (2) pastors of local churches and their members must embrace this call because it is their primary responsibility rather than the role of missionary agencies. In addition, Johnson helps churches know how to make the missionary enterprise more Bible-based and therefore more God-honoring. The application of the teachings of this book should revolutionize the long- and short-term mission programs of most local churches.”
―Miguel Núñez, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“In Missions, Andy Johnson argues that the church glorifies God not only in working to gather true worshipers from all peoples, but also in using the means he has outlined in Scriptures to fulfill those ends. Because there is much debate about what missions is, how to do missions, and who is a missionary, Johnson spends a great part of the book helping us find answers that are rooted in scriptural commands, examples, and principles. If you desire to do missions in a way that only God gets the glory, you’ll want to read this book and pass it around to others who love God and love to see unbelieving people become followers of Jesus Christ.”
―Juan R. Sanchez, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; author, The Leadership Formula