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Highlighted Equipping Resource - The Grand Design

the Grand design

This Sunday at Summit Woods, you will notice some new books have been placed on the shelves in the welcome desk that are available to you. These are resources we would like to highlight to the congregation for a period of time. These resources will change about 3 times a year to highlight a new set of titles we think will be edifying.

The purpose of highlighting these resources is simply to put biblically solid, Christ-exalting, affection-fueling resources in the hands of the members of Summit Woods for their personal growth in the Lord, to equip them to do the work of ministry, and for use in discipleship relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new book for yourself to read in your devotional time, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get together with a brother or sister in the Lord to encourage them in their walk with the Lord – these resources are there to be readily available for you.

There will essentially be 4 categories of resources that we will highlight this time around: theology, sanctification, Christian biography, and the church.

Every other month we will send out a blog highlighting one of these resources. The first of these is our theology resource: The Grand Design by Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock

Theology resource

The Grand Design by Owen Strachan and Gavin Peacock - $11

Confusion abounds today on what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman. Peacock and Strachan put feet on the biblical teaching. -- Thomas R. Schreiner

Strachan and Peacock don't simply defend a view of men and women that is traditional but now counter-cultural. They show it is beautiful. -- Andy Naselli

We live in an age characterized by confusion on gender and sexuality ... Strachan and Peacock have provided a careful and faithful account of Scripture's vision for sexuality and gender. This book is urgently needed. -- R. Albert Mohler