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Archives for October 2013

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 10:34-39

Carefully Think Read Matthew 10:34-39. Sum up the main idea of this passage in one sentence. How does this passage relate to the what has come before it in 10:1-33? What kind of "peace" is Jesus speaking about in this context? How do you know? List the relationships affected by Jesus' coming. Why would he mention these relationships? What is it about relating to Je...

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Preparing for Sunday - Acts 13:1-3

Carefully Think Read Acts 13:1-3. With it being Missions Sunday, consider what this passage indicates about the role of the local church in recognizing and sending missionaries. Read Acts 11:19-30. When and how was the church at Antioch founded and under what kind of circumstances? Who were the primary leaders in the church in Antioch? What do you learn about them? Wh...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 10:26-33

Carefully Think Read Matthew 10:26-33. Sum up the main theme of this passage in one sentence. How does this passage fit with the previous verses (primarily 10:24-25 and the theme of persecution for disciple-making)? Make a list of reasons why disciples of Jesus should not be fearful of persecution. What is it (based on this context - look primarily at vv 32-33 for h...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 10:16-25

Carefully Think Read Matthew 10:16-25 What is the overall main idea of these verses? How do these verses compliment the theme of the instructions given in chapter 10? In light of the main idea of this passage, in regard to what should we be wise and innocent? Make a list of what the disciples of Jesus should expect to happen to them. Can you think of instances in th...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 10:5-15 (Part 2)

Carefully Think Read Matthew 10:5-15. List the various instructions Jesus gives to the 12. Who were the 12 to focus their ministry on? Who were they not to focus on? What was the relationship between the activities of the 12 and Jesus' activity (Matt 9:35-38)? What does Matt 10:10 suggest is reason why the 12 were not to acquire gold, silver or copper, or take a bag...

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