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Weekly Update - July 10


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Weekly Update - July 3

This week, our county handed down a new health order that directly impacts our congregation and our weekly gathering. According to the county's reopening plan, Phase 2.5 went into effect on July 1, 2020. As you are aware, it mandates wearing a facial covering for any indoor (and many outdoor) public activities. "Places of worship" were specifically noted. The order does...

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Weekly Update - June 12

Sunday was more than encouraging, it was renewing. For those who attended, I pray your hearts were full of praise and gratitude. Sunday, June 14, we will meet again similarly to last Sunday. As we do, please remember the following: We have one service at 10:30 am. You do not need to sign up in advance to attend and we are open to any and all who desire to come. Door...

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Weekly Update - May 28

We Are Regathering! OurSurvey! Beforeaddressingthe details of our regathering,we want tothank all of you who filled out the survey we sent out a week ago. It was very helpful in gaining a snapshot on how our members are thinking through regathering.We apologize if any of you did not receive it; please contact our office if you did not. Fifty-five percent of our member...

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Weekly Update - May 21

OUR REGATHERING PLANS SURVEY In anticipation of regathering soon, we want to ask each of you to provide some feedback for us as to your preferences, expectations, and comfort-level in regard to regathering. This evening, our members will be receiving an email with a link that will allow you to fill out a form that will greatly assist us in solidifying our plans for reg...

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Weekly Update - May 14

Meeting as a Congregation It has been a whirlwind of activity in our county over the last week, of which I am sure many of you have been hearing. Jackson County has amended their restrictions of church gatherings, to allow churches to accommodate 10% of the facility occupancy (for those larger than 10,000 sq feet), meaning, we would be allowed to accommodate 152 people...

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Weekly Update - May 7

The doorway has been cracked open and we can begin to see light inside the room of a more open society within our community's recent steps to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Jackson County released their plans for Phase 1 of reopening the area for regularity of life. The initial steps begin Monday, May 11, with the lifting of the Shelter-in-place order, which all...

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Weekly Update - April 23

UPDATE ON SUNDAYS We continue to provide weekly suggestions for in-home worship and the sermon by video and we plan to continue this approach the foreseeable future. We also recognize that the volume is increasing in our world about what and when re-entry to normal and in-person gatherings will look like. Our staff and elders are actively discussing and making plans for...

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Weekly Update - April 16

GRATITUDE FOR SUNDAYS Since becoming a Christian, Sunday has always been a day I love. When it became apparent that we would not be meeting for a while, I could almost feel the creep of discouragement wrapping itself around me. I have been trying to actively fight back and work out of discouragement's squeeze on my heart and enjoy what it is that God has ordained. I am ...

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Weekly Update - April 9

RESURRECTION WEEKEND GOOD FRIDAY FRIDAY CONGREGATIONAL QA One element of our regular Lord's Day gathering is the opportunity to touch base with leaders in-person, ask ministry questions, express prayer concerns, and seek answers to challenging Bible Questions. Until we begin meeting in-person again, if you would like to join a Friday QA session with Pastor Bret and ot...

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