Below you will find many answers to frequently asked questions regarding inFellowship. If you are still in need of help, please contact Dawson Bryant.

Q: Why do I have to give my birth date when I register?
A: It helps us identify that it’s really you, prevents the creation of a duplicate record and helps us comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Act.

Q: I don’t have an e-mail address, can I still register?
A: Not at this time. Program developers are working on changing this.

Q: I registered for an inFellowship account and my wife also tried to, but it told her that the e-mail address was already used. We share an e-mail address, how does she register?
A: Unfortunately our database program requires each individual to have a unique log-in. Your e-mail address is what identifies you as a ‘unique person.' This is the same requirement of financial institutions or any place online that requires you to create a user account.

Q: I have followed the instructions and I can’t log in, who do I contact?
A: Contact Dawson Bryant at (816) 524-8215 or by email.

Q: Can anyone view my information in the directory?
A: ONLY members of our congregation can view the directory. Visitors and the general public cannot access the directory. Also, members can view and/or print their current and previous year giving statements.

Q: I am a member and I created an account but I can’t see my Growth Group or Equipping Class.
A: If you register using info we already have in our database you should be able to access this info right away. If you don’t see these options, thats okay, as your new inFellowship information will be matched to your existing info within a few business days. This assures random website visitors can’t access your information. If this problem persists please send an e-mail to