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Archives for September 2014

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Preparing for Sunday - Worship (Part 2)

Carefully Think 1 Corinthians 14. What is repeated in this chapter as the most important value to pursue as a gathered congregation? Read Acts 2:42-47. What did the early church focus on in their gatherings? Read Ephesians 5:19. What is the relationship of this verse's content to 5:18? What is the result of the filling of the Holy Spirit according to these two verses?...

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Preparing for Sunday - Worship

Carefully Think Make a list of all of the ways in the Old Testament you can think of that are public occasions and/or expressions of worship to God. What kind of words are used to describe acts of worship in the Old Testament? What sort of images were used in the Old Testament to describe acceptable acts of worship to God? Make a list of all of the ways in the New Test...

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How to pursue a helpful discussion over biblical truths for either small groups or personal conversation

In studying God's Word with others, what are the most helpful questions to ask? How can we facilitate better discussion over scripture with our families? The following is an exerpt from our Growth Group Leader training manual, and would be helpful for leading a biblical discussion in a group or personal discipleship setting. Asking questions We do not want any of our gro...

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Preparing for Sunday - Malachi

Carefully Think Read the book of Malachi in one sitting. What are the key doctrines that God illustrates in this prophecy? What is the core message of Malachi's text? How were some of Malachi's prophecies fulfilled in the New Testament? (3:1, 3:3, 4:2, 4:5) In what ways does John the Baptist fulfill Malachi's prophecies about the coming of Elijah? What makes Malach...

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Elder Affirmation Results

Sunday, September 7, following our morning gathering, Summit Woods Baptist Church voted to affirm or reject the Elder's recommendation that Todd Arnold and Brett Harris serve a three year term as elders. Both Todd and Brett received far above the two-thirds majority vote required by our by-laws to begin serving as an elder. We are grateful for God's leadership through Hi...

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Preparing for Sunday - Zechariah

Carefully Think Skim through the book of Zechariah. Read chapters 1-2 From 1:1-6: Who is being addressed? What warnings were given to Zechariah to pass on? What had been happening in Israel up to the time of this writing? (hints in 1:12 and 7:12-14) What was God's perspective on Jerusalem and the surrounding nations? What ultimate hope is given to Jerusalem? Read 4...

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