Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

Holy Father, 

We thank you for your sustaining grace through this past week, and the ongoing fulfillment of every promise that you have made. 

We thank you for family, friends, and the fellowship that we have in Christ. 

We thank you that in difficulty, trial, and despair, you have not left us to ourselves, but have preserved us and brought us here. 

We thank you that in the midst of temptation and the bitter sting of sin, we are not terminally defeated, and that we have found victory, hope, repentance, and restoration in Christ. 

We thank you for your body at Summit Woods. We thank you for the discipleship, fellowship, shepherding, and sacrificial service that we see and experience at every juncture, on Sundays and throughout the week, here and in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. 

We thank you for our daily bread, and your provision of our essential needs through the means of labor, stewardship, and the generosity of those in this body who give and serve generously.  

We thank you for the opportunity that we have today, and later this week, to think deeply on all your good gifts, and to partake of those gifts with family, friends, and by ourselves. We thank you for the opportunity to think deeply on your essential goodness, holiness, mercy, and benevolence in giving us these many good things.  

Above all, we thank you for the infinite stoop of Christ Jesus, fully God and fully man, who delivered to you the perfect life of righteousness that we could not live, and took upon himself the full measure of your righteous judgment that we were due. We thank you that in Christ we have every reason to rejoice and to pour ourself out in thankfulness during this season—and at every moment. We thank you that through the intercession and righteousness of Christ, you delight in our thankfulness. 

May our testimony today be one of a thankful people united to rejoice in Christ as we feast upon your Word.