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Children's Ministry Worship Hour Updates

This communication is to provide information regarding the purpose of the Children’s Ministry Worship Hour, recent changes, and resources to equip families.

Please note that this communication will focus on Preschool through 5th grade during the Worship Hour, but the purpose information below applies to Nursery through 5th grade.


Purpose of the Children’s Ministry Worship Hour

Please read through the document located on the bulletin board across from the Children Check-In station that details the purpose and structure of the Worship Hour for children here at SWBC. We encourage you to attend a Children's Ministry Information Meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month or schedule some time with me to discuss any questions you may have.

Recent Changes

We have recently made some modifications to align with our purposes.

  1. Leadership changes are helping to communicate and share ministry work as outlined in the Ministry Action Plan:
    1. Lead Coordinator: Angie Dubbert
    2. Music Coordinator: Colten Honigman,
    3. Preschool Coordinator: Kathy Thomas
    4. K-2nd Grade Coordinator: Otis Sisson
    5. 3rd-5th Grade Coordinator: Sam Walker
  2. The age-groups shifted as follows:
    1. K-2nd grade (formerly K-1st grade).
    2. 3rd-5th grade (formerly 2nd-5th grade).
  3. The leaders were aligned in the room to help care for those groups:
    1. one (1) teacher and two (2) volunteers in K-2nd grade, and
    2. one (1) teacher and one (1) volunteer in 3rd-5th grade.
  4. Game time for 3rd-5th graders centers on increased training for the Worship Hour within the body.

Resources to Equip Families

Instruction of Children

The focus of the Worship Hour in Children’s Ministry is to prepare the children to be in the Worship Service with the body and continue to expose and evangelism them with core truths of our faith. In training of the children in those truths, we chose a curriculum that emphasizes a systematic theology to help undergird the clear presentation of the Gospel through a biblical knowledge of God, mankind, Jesus Christ, and our appropriate response.

Equipping Parents

To better align with our purpose of equipping parents, we are providing information on the monthly lessons, music, teachers, and helpers, and parent resources to engage your children. The following resources are available on the bulletin board across from the Children’s Check-In station.

1. The Worship Hour purpose document will give more details on how these changes facilitate alignment with our church purpose.

2. Lyrics will be available for the main song during the month. We encourage you to sing the songs that we engage in together each Sunday, modeling and preparing the whole family to worship our great God together.

3. A monthly schedule of the truths taught and leaders serving your children is on the board. We encourage you to use the schedule to help facilitate conversations between teachers and parents in understanding materials and child interactions in the classroom.

4. The Parent Resource provides tools for presenting truth and challenging hearts on the truths taught during the Worship Hour.

These Parent Resources include an entire unit (several months at a time), so there are limited printed copies, therefore I have provided a link below for you to download.

Full Parent Resource for Praise Factory (K-5th) for Unit 7

As always, I pray for you all that the Lord Jesus Christ is primary in your marriage, home, children, and in every aspect of your life. Matt 22:36-40.

Sam Walker - Pastoral Assistant