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Archives for July 2015

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Preparing for Sunday - Proverbs, Part 2

Carefully Think Read Proverbs 25 and skim chapters 26-31. What words or phrases stood out as repeated or emphasized? What kinds or categories of people are mentioned? Which metaphors or illustrations stood out as particularly helpful in explaining a truth? What areas of life are addressed? What passages were particularly applicable to aspects of modern culture? Which...

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Preparing for Sunday - Proverbs, Part 1

Carefully Think Read Proverbs 1-3:12. Who was this portion of Proverbs written to? What words or phrases are repeated or emphasized? What topics or life issues are addressed? What warnings are given? What is said about wisdom or attaining wisdom? What are wisdom and knowledge linked with according to 1:7, 1:29, and 2:5? How are the actions of the wise distinctly diffe...

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Jonathan Edwards on Psalms

This morning, in our final message on the book of Psalms, I mentioned a sermon by Jonathan Edwards that illustrated his ability to detail God's beauty and hell's terrors in unparalleled fashion. HERE is the link to his sermon, entitled, "God's Excellencies." Set aside some time to sit down and thoughtfully read through it. Your heart should be encouraged as you meditate o...

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Preparing for Sunday - Psalms, Part 3

Carefully Think This week we will continue to look at how the book of Psalms affects our faith. We will look specifically at the imprecatory and messianic psalms. Read through the following psalms: 7, 35, 58, 69, 85, 109, 137. What does the psalmist say about his enemies? Why does this not contradict the gospel of Jesus in the New Testament? Or does it? If you think so...

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Desiring God - Chapter 2 - References and Recommended Reading Links

For those who are a part of our Wednesday evening discussion through John Piper's book,Desiring God, you may have noticed references to a few or recommended articles. On page 60, Piper quotes at length from Jonathan Edwards' sermon, "The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners." Click the link to read the whole sermon. On page 65, Piper recommends an article by Samuel...

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Preparing for Sunday - Psalms, Part 2

Carefully Think Last week we considered the book of Psalms as a whole. This week we will focus on how the Psalms affects our faith in God. Look through several headings of several psalms in each of the five sections of the book. List some of the musical terms that you see referred to (i.e.., "to the choirmaster," "maskil," "mahalat," etc.). While it is difficult (if no...

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Preparing for Sunday - Psalms 1-150

Carefully Think This Sunday we pick up with our summer tour through the Old Testament. This summer we will be concentrating on the poetic books. This week we will look at Psalms. Psalms is divided into five sections. Glancing through the chapters, you can locate all five divisions. Book I: 1-41; Book II: 42-72; Book III: 73-89; Book IV: 90-106; Book V: 91-150. Read the...

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