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UPDATE: Regarding Coronavirus (March 13)


In light of the recent national, state, and local emergency declarations combined with Eastern Jackson County's request for gatherings larger than 250 people to suspend meeting, SWBC will be replacing our regular in-person gatherings this Sunday, March 15, with a video steam of the sermon

This means that there will be no meeting at the church facility this Sunday (we will assess each week as we move forward). We will also assess the situation regarding mid-week activities day to day. In addition, we will be cancelling our Ministry Training Day tomorrow (Saturday). Other future events on our calendar will be assessed on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis and communicated as quickly as possible.

We recognize that these steps are unprecedented and will create a number of challenges for our congregation. However, because this is a national, regional, and local health crisis, we believe it to be the best expression of honoring the governing authorities God has ordained (Romans 13), and an appropriate expression love for one another and our community (Matthew 22:37-40). 

As stated previously, in place of our Sunday morning gathering, we encourage you to set aside time as a family or in small groups to pray, sing, read and discuss God's word together. We will be providing suggested songs, and passages to consider. At 11:00 am, the regular Sunday message (Hebrews 6:9-12) will be streamed through our church's web page. We encourage you to read, sing, and pray together, then join us at 11:00 am online for the morning message. (Find Resources for Sunday, March 15 HERE)

Also, we will leave it up to the discretion of each Growth Group if they desire to meet this Sunday. Groups should feel free to watch the message online and still gather together to discuss its application, pray, and fellowship together.

We encourage you to keep in regular contact with one another, especially with some of our older members, members who have been ill recently, and those who have been hospitalized. Also be sensitive to and aware of the financial burden this time may create for some of our members. If you know of needs, please feel free to communicate them to the staff (, and/or elders (

The church office will remain open through the week and staff will be working and available during our normal office hours (M-Th 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). These days can create a time of financial strain on the church as well, so we encourage our members to consider bringing their regular giving to the church office or mailing it directly.

During these days, encourage one another with God's word, thoughts on the goodness of his perfect wisdom, deep love, and ultimate sovereignty. He is trustworthy. Allow the world to see His impact on our hearts through our responses throughout these days.

On behalf of the elders and staff,

Bret Capranica