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Preparing for the Sermon - Genesis 26

Genesis - Summer 2017

Prepare your heart for the Sermon by looking through these suggestions that will assist you in making the most of our time together hearing God's Word.

You will find suggestions for thinking more critically through the passage, meditating more intently on the text, and prayerfully seeking wisdom to deepen your understanding of the passage to be preached this Sunday.

Carefully Think

  • Read Genesis chapter 26.
  • What circumstance took place early in the chapter that causes Isaac to relocate?
  • What direction did he receive from the Lord and how did he respond?
  • How did the Lord reassure Isaac about the future and what reason did he give for this?
  • How did Isaac respond to the Lord’s direction and how did he interact with the king of the land he settled in? What made King Abimelech upset with Isaac? What ultimately caused him to ask Isaac to leave the land?
  • In what place did Isaac end up? What caused King Abimelech to come to Isaac after he moved and what was the king’s request?
  • What is stated about Isaac’s son, Esau?
  • The Sermon Study equipping class notes are available online for anyone wanting to dig deeper. Please review this week's notes to help study this passage. Click here for the notes.

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Why was Isaac instructed not to go to Egypt? How great of a temptation do you think this may have been, considering the circumstances?
  • Why do you think Isaac lied to King Abimelech following the promise he was given by God? Have you recently justified a lie (or possibly an omission of the truth) to preserve something for yourself?
  • How would you have been inclined to respond regarding the quarrels over water, especially considering the promise God had given? Why do you think Isaac responded as he did?
  • What reassurance did Isaac receive in verse 24? What do you think this had to do with his acceptance of the pact King Abimelech offered?
  • Regarding the decisions Esau made, why do you think verse 35 is included here? Has a loved one’s relationship affected you drastically in a negative way? How have you responded to that?