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Elder's Prayer - April 28, 2019

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

My wife and I were traveling back from Houston last Sunday morning. For the first time in 20 years, we were not here to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with our church family. This absence was unavoidable, yet disappointing.

Over this past week, I’ve given some time to consider my disappointment and I have changed my perspective some. I recognize that most of you are probably wearing something today that you have worn before as opposed to last week’s brand-new Easter outfits. I’m OK with that. There undoubtedly will be fewer social media posts of families dressed up. That’s perfectly fine by me too.

So what did Rachel and I really miss last week that we don’t miss any Sunday when we are absent from Summit Woods? What did we celebrate last week that we won’t celebrate today? What was preached, prayed or sang last week that we won’t preach, pray or sing this week? What is truly different about this Sunday than last Sunday for a believer?

I know the pews were a bit fuller last week, but the object of our worship is the same. The reason for celebration is unchanged. The power of the preaching will be no less potent. The truth contained in the songs and the prayers is still faithful. The importance of gathering togethering as believers is in no way diminished.

He is risen indeed. That is the foundation of our faith today, just as we celebrated last week and will continue to be the catalyst for our worship every time we gather together whether we are sporting new clothes or not.

Let’s Pray.

Father God, we Praise you, our eternal creator and savior who is worthy of our praise every day that is given for us to live. We know that Christ Jesus is risen, He is alive, He is interceding, He is reigning, and His is returning. This truth doesn’t vary with the calendar. Help us, God, to rehearse and preach this truth to ourselves daily so that we might live boldly and confidently in your grace and strength.

As we did last week, We praise you today for the substitutionary work of Christ on the cross and his glorious resurrection that affirms His sacrifice was sufficient, acceptable and effective. For your glory and for our sake, you made Christ to be sin who knew no sin so that in him we might be seen as righteous. Your son Christ lived a perfect life of obedience that none of us can live. He received your justified wrath on the cross in our stead. And now, for those who repent and believe, we are filled with the spirit as we are being conformed into Christ-likeness.

I pray these truths will fuel our worship and obedience every day that you give us. Your kindness is hard to quantify and comprehend. Would you please help our feeble minds to inform our forgetful hearts of this truth so that our lives overflow with gratefulness. Thank you, Father. You are indeed a great God as we have been singing. May you receive all glory and honor for transforming our lives through the redeeming work of your son.