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Elder's Prayer - March 31, 2019

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

This morning we have witnessed the actions of one who has received the truth of the gospel: God is holy, she is a sinner, Jesus died for her sins, and by God’s grace she has faithfully repented from her sins - she has purposefully turned from her sins - and now she desires to live an obedient lifestyle according to God’s word.

Baptism - publicly identifying herself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ - and church membership - publicly identifying herself with the visible representation of the body of Christ on earth and submissively placing herself under its authority - are both acts of obedience characteristic of a believer. And we pray that Sierra, would joyfully and faithfully live consistently as one who is led by the Holy Spirit.


Lord, there is no activity, there are no words, no prayer, no confession, no aisle to walk, no church to join that can earn our salvation.  Salvation comes only by grace alone through faith alone in your Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for this one today who has followed through in obedience to what your word says, to publicly declare through baptism the salvation by grace you have made possible for those who believe in the saving work of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

Repentance and faithful obedience have been displayed here today. And Lord, if there is any here today who have never repented of their sins and believed in you unto salvation and a lifestyle of obedience, I pray that you would convict them of their sins, for the payment of sin is death. But your free gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ - and he is our Lord!

As we continue our worship through giving, through singing, through hearing your word declared, and through fellowship after the service, may you be glorified in every activity that follows.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.