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Elder's Prayer - October 28, 2018

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

On Wednesday of this past week, Gary Brown went to be home with the Lord. Many in this room never had the pleasure of meeting or enjoying Gary. Some in this room knew him as a dear friend who loved God’s word, his people and the church. Everyone in this room should be thankful to God that He used a man such as Gary to help build this church from its earliest days through his gifted servant leadership. Gary is with the Lord today yet leaves behind a legacy of faithfulness that benefits all who encounter the ministry of summit woods.

Let’s Pray.

Father God, I trust as Gary stood before you in judgment this week, he heard these words -” well done good and faithful servant.” His heart was a servant’s heart. He served out of love and devotion to Christ, not in an attempt to earn salvation. He served as a response and evidence to his radical gospel transformation.  His sensitivity and awareness of his sin made him more captivated by your grace.

Gary was justified. He was declared righteous. Not because he somehow earned his justification through his works. For we know your word says “For by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight” Gary was a sinner like all of us in need of your grace. Thank you, God, for extending your grace to him this week. Help us look forward expectantly for that same grace when each of us stands in judgment one day.

For those of us who knew Gary and benefited from his ministry, thank you for using him as a tool for our sanctification and for our instruction in godliness. He was a student of your word, he loved your word and faithfully lived and taught your word for your glory. And now He has entered into glory. He has no more sin. He fought sin and it’s ugly painful ramifications on this earth and now that fight for him is finally over. He has been conformed to the image of your son. We praise you for being faithful to your word. Help us celebrate your goodness displayed in both Gary’s life and his death.

For those who did not know Gary, they too can praise your name for his life and his service to this church. You used him as a vital servant leader from the earliest days of this church. You gifted him with grit, stamina, and persistence along with a fervent love for God’s people and your Holy word. He modeled for so many what it meant to be a godly deacon by serving you gladly and whole-heartedly. He passionately served others in his service to you. You enabled him to serve relentlessly and tirelessly for the building up of this church for your honor and glory. We should all be grateful to you and praise your name that you saw it as good to bring Gary into our lives and into the life of this church. Thank you for using this man in our midst and for our benefit. It was a blessing to have Gary in our lives. It is a blessing also to know that you have extended grace to him in salvation, sanctification, and now in his glorification. We praise your name for your kindness to us as individuals and as a church.

We pray for Gary’s family and friends as they mourn his passing but also celebrate your amazing grace.