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Archives for February 2016

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:31-35

Carefully Think Read Matthew 26:31-35 What was the reason the disciples would "fall away" from Jesus that night? How significant is the metaphor of shepherd and sheep? How closely was this group tied to Jesus at this point? Skim 10:1-25. How had Jesus prepared them for opposition in his name? How much opposition do you think the disciples might have expected in light...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:26-30

Looking Back This past Sunday pastor Bret preached through the Matthew account of the Lord's Supper. He demonstrated four different emphasis that should shape our understanding and practice of the Lord's Supper here at Summit Woods. 1) Remember the body of Christ, 2) Remember the blood of Christ, 3) Anticipate the return of Christ, and 4) Worship the fullness of Christ. ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:26-29

Carefully Think Read Matt 26:26-29 Jesus explains almost nothing about the bread except "this is my body.'' Does he do so because they already know what he means? Read Matt 14:19; Mark 8:6-9; think about the known symbolism of the Passover meal. "Drink of it, all of you"- Does this sound optional? What if they don't? "my blood of the covenant" Up to now the blood tha...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:1-25

This past Sunday we spent time in Matthew 26:1-25 studying the events leading up to the cross. In this text Matthew is emphasizing the betrayal of Christ by Judas. He is explaining the last events leading to the event of betrayal itself. The pinnacle event was when Mary anointed Christ. This is the event that pushed Judas' hatred for Christ over the top, we see the intenti...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:1-25

Carefully Think If you are able, it would be helpful to go back and listen to the last message on Matthew to remember the context: Click Here Quickly look through chapters 23-25 to refresh your mind on what led up to this passage. Read Matthew 26:1-25. As you read, what is the common driving force in this passage? What are all the events in this passage that are l...

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Preparing for Sunday - How to Give God Glory

Carefully Think Listen to the previous Sermon Audio on God's glory here. Why is God's glory so important? What is it? Review the last Preparing for Sunday post on God's Glory here. Look at specifically the fourth and fifth bullets under Carefully Think. Dig back into verses you found last time or from the sermon on who gives God glory. When we understand the importanc...

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