Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Su

Let’s go to the Lord in prayer as we seek his grace in each of our lives-pray with me.

Lord, we come before you today dependent upon your grace in all areas of our lives.

We come before you to praise you in song and to pray for one another asking that each of us be filled with the knowledge of your will.

By your grace, may we be filled with all spiritual wisdom and understanding so that each and every day of our lives, we walk in a manner worthy of you Lord-a manner that is pleasing to you.

Each of us face different trials and blessings while we are on this earth, and we need your wisdom and understanding to respond as you would have us respond.

When we are struggling with the issues of life that plague us, whether they are a result of our own sin or due to circumstances beyond our control-may seek your wisdom-may your thoughts be our thoughts.

Conversely, when we share in the earthly blessings that you provide, may we do so with humility-not boasting in our success or our possessions-but rather, humbly thanking you for every good provision

May your blessing make us no less dependent upon your grace.

No matter the circumstances of our lives, may we view them in such a way that our knowledge of you increases daily so that the fruit of our lives increasingly is fruit that is pleasing to you.

And Lord above all, help us to remember you do not require that we do this on our own.

We are strengthened with your power, according to your glorious might-the might by which you created, sustain and rule all things.

You order the events of our lives and you use them to conform and strengthen us- so that increasingly we may be able to endure all things with patience and joy, giving thanks to you in all circumstances-whether we abound or are being brought low.

And may we never forget that it is by the saving work of our Lord on the Cross you have qualified us to share in the inheritance by which we become heirs according to the hope of eternal life-as you have ordained.

Remind us today and every day that the earthly afflictions and blessings we face are preparing us for an eternal weight of glory, which surpasses all understanding.

It is by your grace we have been saved and it is by your grace we endure until the day you call us home.

And for that, and so much more, we give thanks to You in the name of precious Savior, Jesus Christ-Amen.