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Archives for December 2012

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Christmas Eve Gathering - O Holy Night

O Holy Night has become a staple for many churches at Christmas time. The familiar melody and soaring chorus are at once recognizable. A few years ago I stumbled upon alternate words for this great song (unattributed), and we have used them in our Christmas Eve service ever since. They capture well the birth narrative, a humble response of praise, and a right anticipation ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:16-18

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:16-18 How would you define biblical fasting? List as many biblical examples as you can of people who fasted. Why did they fast? What did they do when they fasted? How long did they fast? Did it ever include anything other than abstaining from food? What emotions were present as people fasted? List what Jesus says not to do when fasting ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Jason K. Allen

This Sunday, Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be preaching as a part of our Morning Gathering. Dr. Allen was elected by the Midwestern Board of Trustees as the Seminary's fifth president on Monday, Oct. 15. Most recently, he was the vice president for Institutional Advancement at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and execu...

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I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow

In Bret's ongoing exposition through the gospel of Matthew, we have, for several weeks, been steeped in Christ's sermon on the mount. In teaching of those priorities that mark a Kingdom-Kind of people, we have examined those values of ultimate satisfaction (Beatitudes), the influence of kingdom people, the lasting value of God's law and getting to the heart of its intentio...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:11-15

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:5-15. Remind yourself of the main idea Jesus is promoting in the entire section. How does it relate to the main principle in 6:1? What is the difference in emphasis between 6:9-10 and 6:11-15? Why is the focus on "daily" bread? What does Jesus suggest motivates us praying for forgiveness (v 12). If God does not tempt us (James 1:13ff)...

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