We would love to serve those in our body who are in need by providing them meals.

I need to reqest a meal...

If you need to request meals for yourself or someone else in the body, please email swbcmeals@swbcls.org.

How do I get involved...

All in our body are encouraged to pick one month of the year to sign up to provide meals for those who are in need. Please pick a month that will work best for your schedule. If you would like to pick more than one month, feel free to sign up more than once.

You will be “on-call” for your chosen month. If a need arises for your month, a coordinator will contact you. Remember, you can always plan in advance by making meals and freezing them. Additionally, while a home-cooked meal is great, it is not required. Picking up a pizza or a bucket of chicken, etc. is equally appreciated. Don’t let a fear of cooking prevent you from serving.

If you haven't signed up to serve with this ministry, you can fill out this form or email Rachel Stouffer or call 816-246-5203.