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Highlighted Equipping Resource - JC Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone

JC Ryle Prepared to Stand Alone

The purpose of highlighting these resources is simply to put biblically solid, Christ-exalting, affection-fueling resources in the hands of the members of Summit Woods for their personal growth in the Lord, to equip them to do the work of ministry, and for use in discipleship relationships.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a new book for yourself to read in your devotional time, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get together with a brother or sister in the Lord to encourage them in their walk with the Lord – these resources are there to be readily available for you.

Christian Biography Resource

J.C. Ryle: Prepared to Stand Alone by Iain Murray - $14

‘That man of granite with the heart of a child.’ — F. J. CHAVASSE

‘Ryle was at heart an evangelist.’ — MARCUS LOANE

‘Famous, outstanding and beloved exponent of the evangelical and reformed faith.’ — D. M. LLOYD-JONES

‘A single-minded Christian communicator of profound biblical, theological and pastoral wisdom, a man and minister of giant personal stature and electric force (‘unction’ was the old name for it).’ — J. I. PACKER

‘Bold as a lion for the truth of God’s Word and his Gospel.’ — RICHARD HOBSON

‘A friend of the Reformation and the Puritans, Ryle is a great example of a man willing to stand courageously yet humbly before his persecutors and detractors. A 19th century evangelical Anglican bishop, he was a gentle, persuasive, loving pastor who met his parishioners in the estate they were in without condemnation – a model for us all.’ — RUSSELL PULLIAM

The life of J.C. Ryle has only to be heard once to be remembered. His 84 years (1816–1900) included remarkable contrasts—the promise of a fortune, then the poverty of a bankrupt; a Suffolk country pastor, then bishop of the leading seaport of the British Empire. But there was a still greater change—from the successful youth at Eton and Oxford, who did not pray or read his Bible till he was 21, to become a Christian ‘bold as a lion for the truth of God’s Word and his Gospel’.

Although one of the most widely read evangelical authors of the nineteenth century, Ryle’s writings lost influence after his death. The world had moved on, as was supposed. Then, fifty years later a ‘rediscovery’ began. Research on his life was accomplished by able authors, and from a new wealth of material Iain Murray has put together a compelling biography. Ryle believed in definite doctrine, in a message which does not adjust to the times, in revival, and in the living Christ. He knew that all the great turning points of church history have been attended with controversy, and that ‘there are times when controversy is not only a duty but a benefit’.

J.C. Ryle’s life is convincing evidence that Christianity stands or falls depending on its relation to the word of God and to the Holy Spirit. That he is being read widely again at the present time gives hope of better days.