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Archives for March 2016

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:57-75

Looking Back This past Sunday we were reminded of the various ways people responded, and still do respond to our Savior. By looking at the trial of Jesus we saw his rejection, denial, and exaltation. The unbelieving high priest along with the other Jewish leaders entirely rejected and condemned the innocent Christ. Peter was an unfaithful disciple who emphatically denied ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:57-75

Carefully Think Read Matthew 26:47-75. Recall the events of Jesus' betrayal in 47-56 that we studied two weeks ago. If you have the time it may be helpful to listen to the sermon again: A Blessed Betrayal. Why is it significant that Jesus was led away to the high priests and not the Roman authorities first? What is significant about the fact that the priests and elders...

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Preparing for Sunday - John Powell

This Sunday, John Powell will be preaching as a part of our Morning Gathering. John will be the main teacher for our students during their Discple Now activities this weekend. He'll be teaching on creating "Your Future Self," guiding them to see how decisions and disciplines they develop as young people will greatly influence their future; with a focus on their practical ...

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How do we forgive? Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed forgiveness, biblical forgiveness, having two types of forgiveness. Read the first part again if you need to refresh your memory for the first type. This time we start with the second type of forgiveness... ... But what happens when the person who sinned against you doesn't ask for forgiveness? Either they don't know that they've sinned against yo...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:47-56

Carefully Think Read Matthew 26:1-56 focusing on 26:47-56 to understand the context. Why do you think so many came to arrest Jesus? What does Jesus mean in verses 52-54? Consider the chain of events that brought Judas to these actions. Prayerfully Meditate What is our reaction when God does other than we think is good? How can we walk in trust with God as Jesu...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:36-46

Looking Back Last Sunday we went with the disciples and Jesus into the garden of Gethsemene. Pastor Bret exposed us to the text to help us appreciate our Savior in vivid ways as Jesus tells of the weightiness, perfect love and obedience to his Father, moments before the weight of judgement and wrath would come pouring over him. Remember, there were four ways to appreciat...

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How do we forgive? Part 1

In Colossians 3, Paul explains that we become more like Christ as we put off our old ways and put on new ways. One of the ways we become more like Christ is found in 3:13: Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. Sometimes bearing with , or putting up with , one ano...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 26:36-46

Carefully Think Read Matthew 26:36-46. Read Matthew 26:1-46 to re-trace the events that are leading up to this passage to keep the picture of the day in mind. Where is the placed called Gethsemane? Who is with him as Jesus enters Gethsemane? Who does He take with Him to pray? Is this signficant? How do you understand what the ESV translates as "my soul is very sorrowf...

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Sunday Review - Matthew 26:31-35

Looking Back This past Sunday pastor Bret preached from the Matthew account of Jesus' announcement to the disciples that they were about to walk away from Him. Their response exposed the reality that they did not realize the turn Jesus' earthly ministry was about to take. The title of the sermon, When God's Unwanted Ways Expose Our Unseen Weakness, strikes to the core of ...

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