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Archives for December 2013

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With Gratitude for Kandy Jacksons' Ministry at Summit Woods

The Congregation of Summit Woods Baptist Church wants to take this opportunity to thank Kandy Jackson not only for her six years of loyal, faithful, and zealous service on staff, but for all of the fifteen years of ministry she has contributed to Summit Woods as a dedicated member. Few lives at Summit Woods have been left beneficially untouched through both her public min...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 12:22-32

Carefully Think Read Matthew 12:22-32. How would you sum up this passage in one sentence? How does this passage continue the theme of opposition introduced in Chapter 11? What was the crowd's reaction to Jesus' healing the demon-possessed man? What was the Pharisee's response to the crowd? What were the Pharisee's saying about the authority of Jesus, as expressed i...

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REVISED SWBC Schedule for Sunday, December 22

The area is under a winter storm warning, and due to the large amounts of ice and predicted snow the Sunday morning schedule is being revised. All adult Equipping Classes, student Sunday School, children's Sunday School, and 9 am nursery are cancelled. The Sunday Morning Gathering will take place as usual at 10:30 am. 9:00 am Sunday School and Equipping Classes - CANCELL...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 12:15-21

Carefully Think Read Matthew 12:15-21. Summarize the main point of this passage in one sentence. How does it related to his struggles with the Pharisees in the preceding sections (12:1-14)? What are the differences between the character of the Pharisees as seen in 12:1-14 and Jesus, as described in this passage (12:15-21)? Why would Jesus not want the crowds to make ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 12:9-14

Carefully Think Read Matthew 12:9-14. How is this passage related to the scene just before (Matthew 12:1-8)? Who is it asking the question of Jesus in Matthew 12:10? What was their motive for asking Jesus what they did? Why did Jesus give the answer to their question as he did? What lesson was he teaching the Pharisees about the Sabbath? How was the man with the wit...

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Personal Testimony: From Grumbling to Gratitude

The following is a good example of God's Word at work in our congregation, and how we should hear the word preached on Sunday morning, encourage one another with its application during a Growth Group, and then personally make use of it. We count it a joy to hear, from our congregation, of those times when God uses His Word to instruct, exhort, and encourage you personally....

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 12:1-8

Carefully Think Read Matthew 12:1-8 How would you sum up this passage in one sentence? How does this passage relate to 11:25-30 (can you see what Jesus was referring to as "labor" and "being heavy laden")? What is the primary problem the Pharisee's had with Jesus' disciples? Why do they bring it up to Jesus and not his disciples? In what ways were the disciples actua...

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