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Elder's Prayer - January 31, 2021

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

You are the king of heaven. You are our light, you are our salvation. You are the faithful God who leads his people by his spirit at all times.

Whether through peace or persecution or through joy or sorrow, you are leading and preparing us to be your people – your people here on earth and your people for all eternity.

Remind us that all of the trials and tribulations and suffering that we go through now are producing in us confidence in your love, hope in your faithfulness, and an eagerness for the completion of our salvation and for our entry into your presence.

Remind us that our security – security of life on earth or security of life in eternity – is ultimately realized/completed in Christ, because of the sufficiency of his life and death.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we are free from the penalty of our sin.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can have confidence through trial and sorrow.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we are preserved as your children and as your possession forever.

If we endure trials, it is because you see us through. If we are able to face suffering, it is because you give us strength.

You are our king, our light, our salvation, our strength, and our hope.