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Preparing for the Sermon - 2 Thessalonians 1-3

2 Thessalonians Sermon Image Square

Prepare your heart for the Sermon by looking through these suggestions that will assist you in making the most of our time together hearing God's Word.

You will find suggestions for thinking more critically through the passage, meditating more intently on the text, and prayerfully seeking wisdom to deepen your understanding of the passage to be preached this Sunday.

Carefully Think

  • Read 2 Thessalonians in a single setting. It is three chapters.
  • Review headings in your bible and look for keywords (subjects) and primary actions (verbs).
  • Review 2 Thessalonians 1:1-2 for this Sunday.
  • Who is the main author of the letter? Why are there two other men included in the list of verse 1?
  • Where else are these three men seen together in the Bible?
  • How are the recipients of this letter described in verse 1?
  • What is the greeting Paul uses to this church? Is this just a nice thing or is there some meaning behind the greeting for Paul?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Why is Paul writing this second letter to the church at Thessalonica?
  • Paul calls God "our Father" and Jesus "Lord" and "Christ". What should all of these descriptive terms bring to mind for the church? How do we identify with these terms as a church and Christians today?
  • Why does Paul combine grace and peace? What do these terms signify for Christians? How would they bring common ground? Review the recent sermon from Titus 2 for additional study.
  • Paul is directing grace and peace "TO" the church. What is this grace and peace Paul is intending them to receive? Review 2 Thessalonians 3:18 for some insight. Write out all your thoughts concerning what this grace and peace looks like according to the Bible as a whole.
  • The grace and peace is "FROM" the same God and Jesus that Paul declared the church to be "IN". What significance is this to Christians as they read this letter? How is this significant for you? Explain.