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Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes

Equipping Classes at Summit Woods Baptist Church are designed to prepare people to grow in God’s grace and learn to serve others in the body of Christ.

Summit Woods Equipping Classes

The aim of our weekly Equipping Classes is to prepare members for effectively living out and serving others with the gospel. This January through May, we look forward to taking some concentrated time to equip our members in three key areas: Christian Living, Sermon Study Class, and Systematic Theology.

Consider coming to be a part of one of these Equipping Classes:

Christian Living: Marriage Strengthening Your Marriage by Wayne Mack - Mark Krystyniak & Sam Karl

Christian Living: Christians in the Workplace & Missions - Terry Engling & Ben Gardner

Christian Living: Hospitality & Neighboring (The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield) - Dawson Bryant & Daniel Pentimone

Systematic Theology: End Times - Brett Harris & Dalton Vansell

Sermon Study Class: Adam Naler & Glen Petit

  •  Homework lessons for the sermon study class can be found here


Audio for select Equipping classes can be found here