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Archives for March 2013

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 8-9 & Resurrection Sunday

Carefully Think Read Matthew 8-9. Make a list of who is healed, of what they are healed, how they were healed, is anything about their faith described, and what was the response (if any is listed). What do these chapters teach about what it means to follow Jesus? Find all the references made to Jesus' authority. What do you learn? List all of the titles used to desc...

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REVISED SWBC Snow Schedule for Sunday, March 24

The area is again under a winter storm warning with the brunt of the storm due to hit the area by tomorrow morning, Sunday, March 24. Due to the large amounts of predicted snow the Sunday morning schedule is being revised. All adult Equipping Classes, student Sunday School, children's Sunday School, and 9 am nursery are cancelled. The Sunday Morning Gathering will take pl...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 7:28-29 & Chapters 5-7

Carefully Think Read Matthew 7:28-29. What was the crowd's response to Jesus sermon? Why? What was it about this sermon that separated Jesus' authority from that of the scribes? Who are the scribes? Read back through the Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5-7. What are the major sections of this sermon and can you summarize each section? What are the themes emphasized ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 7:24-27

Carefully Think Read Matthew 7:24-27. How does this passage relate to the previous three sections in 7:13-23? Two men who build a house are given as examples. What is similar between the two? What is different between the two men? In this context, what do "these words of mine" (vv 24, 26) refer to? How does this definition of "these words of mine" define what kind o...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 7:21-23

Carefully Think Read Matthew 7:21-23 What is the connection of this passage with the others in this section of 7:13-29? Why would "Lord" be repeated twice in how someone addressed Jesus? What is Jesus saying about himself when he indicates that some are calling him "Lord, Lord?" From reading this passage, when does this interchange between Jesus and a professing bel...

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