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Elder's Prayer - June 2, 2019

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

In each of Paul’s prison epistles, he prays for the church or the individual. In each case, he will pray for their knowledge of God to increase and to become full. Everything else in their lives – from their worship of God to how they live with each other day-by-day – comes from/influenced by their correct knowledge of God.

As we grow in our knowledge of God and his will, our lives will become more Christ-like, we will live lives that are pleasing to God, we will bear fruit that reflects the change that God has brought in our lives. And that change and that fruit lasts, it will endure.

We have been singing about the sufficiency of Christ’s death for us. Because Christ died for us, the power of sin is broken. It is Jesus’ righteousness that is my hope and defense. And it is God who did all of that for us through Christ.

So as we grow in our knowledge of God, our lives should be changed. The more we grow in our knowledge of God and his will, the more our lives should reflect that knowledge, and the more pleasing our lives will be to God.

So as we worship this morning, think about what you are singing and hearing – what truths about God are you learning or do you already know – and how does that change your life now.


God, you are the source of all knowledge and wisdom and understanding. Your ways are higher than our ways, your wisdom unsearchable. If you don’t tell us who you are and what you are like, we would never be able to find you on our own.

Help us to grow in our knowledge of you and your will. You have given us your word and your spirit and your people to help us know you better. Fill us with wisdom and understanding as we study your word. Remind us of our dependence upon your spirit, that you put in those who believe, when we study your words and try to understand them.

Help us to understand how our growing knowledge translates to our day to day lives. Help us to see that in everything in this life, we are to be obedient to you and your word. Remind us that in every situation, Christ was obedient and that how we live should follow in a manner worthy of our Lord. That your expectation for us is always obedience to you.

Strengthen us to endure, to remain faithful, to be joyful in every circumstance of life. Your word reminds us that we have an inheritance to look forward to because of what you have done for us through Christ. You have qualified us, you have adopted us, you have made us worthy of being called your children, so we can see past the struggles of today to our future in your presence.

Help us to always be thankful, to remember what we were before you changed us. Help us to be grateful for the freedom from sin and law that you have provided for us in Christ.

Help us to know you better. Help us to better know your grace, your mercy, your kindness, your patience, your goodness, your love.