Genesis - Summer 2017

Prepare your heart for the Sermon by looking through these suggestions that will assist you in making the most of our time together hearing God's Word.

You will find suggestions for thinking more critically through the passage, meditating more intently on the text, and prayerfully seeking wisdom to deepen your understanding of the passage to be preached this Sunday.

Carefully Think

  • Read Genesis chapter 32.
  • Why was Jacob traveling when he met the angels of God? (see previous chapter)  What did Jacob do after he met them?
  • What did the messengers report to Jacob? What was his response and why?  (See Genesis 27:41-43)
  • What did Jacob appear to ultimately be concerned about? What did he do in attempt to alleviate his concern?
  • Who did Jacob wrestle with and what were the results?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Why do you think Jacob responded to the angels the way he did in verse 2? Did his actions that followed reflect what he declared in that verse?
  • Did Jacob’s response to the messengers’ report reflect the concern he expressed to God when he prayed (vs. 9-12)? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think the man came to wrestle with Jacob? What grace did Jacob recognize as a result (vs. 30)?