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Preparing for the Sermon - Jonah 4:5-11

Jonah square

Prepare your heart for the Sermon by looking through these suggestions that will assist you in making the most of our time together hearing God's Word.

You will find suggestions for thinking more critically through the passage, meditating more intently on the text, and prayerfully seeking wisdom to deepen your understanding of the passage to be preached this Sunday.

Carefully Think

  • Read the book of Jonah in its entirety. What does Jonah’s theological sin problem seem to be throughout the book? What was it that caused Jonah such displeasure in 4:1-4?
  • What was Jonah hoping for in v. 5? What attributes of God are on display toward Jonah in v. 6? What was Jonah’s response?
  • What attributes of God are on display toward Jonah in v. 7-8? What was Jonah’s response?
  • Think on the interaction between God and Jonah in v. 9. What does this demonstrate about God? What about Jonah?
  • What does God reveal to Jonah about himself in vv. 10-11? What response should Jonah have had to the salvation of Nineveh?
  • The Sermon Study equipping class notes are available online for anyone wanting to dig deeper. Please review this week's notes to help study this passage. Click here for the notes.

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Consider what Jonah’s dilemma was that God was confronting in this passage.
  • Who was Jonah really displeased with? How does this reveal our hearts when we are displeased with anything in our lives?
  • What did Jonah want God to do to the Ninevites? What did he want God to do to himself? How do you see this same sinful tendency in your own heart?