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Archives for January 2015

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 19:16-22

Carefully Think Read Matt 19:16-22. What would be a common response, from today's culture, to the man's initial question? Read Exodus 20:3-17. What commandments were missing from the list Jesus gave? What is most common among those that Jesus did not include? Why do you think the man responded the way he did in verse 20? Why does Jesus mention "perfect" in verse 21?...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 19:13-15

Carefully Think Read Matthew 19:13-15. Look for transition from the issue of divorce to the children. Was there a scene change? Was there a time change? Why were people bringing children to Jesus? What were the disciples responses to the children? In what manner does Jesus repond to the disciples about the children? Jesus has used children before to teach the disc...

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Mid-week Review

Last Sunday, Pastor Bret finished a two-part message, "A Test Case in Biblical Fidelity". The test case was divorce, presented by the Pharisees in their desire to kill Jesus. The main point of the passage reflects our hearts toward the authority of God's Word in our lives. It is one thing to claim the Bible is true and is God's Word, it iscompletelydifferent to let God's...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 19:1-12 - Part 2

Carefully Think Read Matthew 19:1-12 again. Remember context from last week's sermon. Review the change in Jesus' location and meaning, what were the Pharisees doing and why by asking Jesus this question. What was the source of the Pharisees arguments? What was the source of Jesus' teachings? How did Jesus respond to the Pharisees in vv 4-6? How do the Pharisees res...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 19:1-12

Carefully Think Read Matthew 19:1-12. What has changed about the location of Jesus' ministry (v 1)? Why is this important to note? What do the Pharisees ask Jesus? Are they seeking his opinion or challenging his source of authority? How do you know? What was the motivation behind the Pharisee's question to Jesus about divorce? Why would the Pharisees bring up this i...

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