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Elder's Prayer - October 7, 2018

Elder's Prayer

Please find below the notes from the Elder's Prayer this past Sunday.

Over the last several weeks, our country has endured a historic ordeal attempting to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat. The confirmation process has been dramatic, raucous, and divisive. We have seen both sides make passionate arguments asking for righteous judgment according to their perspectives.

I trust you did not come here to think about rank political punditry, cloture votes, corroborating evidence, Senate hearings or the composition of our Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, our nation has been gripped by these unseemly events. As citizens, these events will impact us for years and decades to come.

I want to pause to pray for us in light of these circumstances and our response to the cultural situation we find ourselves.


In Proverbs 17:15, your word offers a warning to all of us. It says “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.” We do not want to offend you or be an abomination to you. Forgive us if we have justified the wicked by calling the guilty innocent or for condemning the righteous by calling an innocent person guilty. Help us to see this clearly and think about our declarations of innocence or guilt soberly. We need your wisdom and discernment in these matters, instead of our partisan prejudice. Help us be people who seek wisdom from above as you reveal it to us through scripture.  

Pray for those who are hurting. We can’t read or watch without seeing deeply wounded souls seemingly everywhere. Those who have been wronged. Those who are protesting. Those who have been unfairly drawn into and sadly afflicted during this process. Severe pain is evident and abundant. I ask that you would comfort these people and their families who have been harmed. For those who are believers, remind them of your truth that you are the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. I pray their hope will not be shaken. And for those hurting who do not know you, I pray this trial might be the event you use to cause them to clearly see their need for you. I pray they would see their frailty and see the uselessness of worldly solutions causing them to surrender to you. Please place believers in their lives who can express the hope and comfort that only comes from the good news of Christ.

In addition to the hurting, We see so many on both sides motivated by revenge. Seeking justice in his or her own eyes by any means they deem expedient. I pray that vengeful attitudes would not mark us. Help us be a people settled in our understanding that you sit firmly on the throne of justice and that you judge all the world with perfect righteousness. We don’t have that role. Justice is yours, not ours. Help us be people who know your name in times of trouble and put our trust in you. For you never forsake those who seek you. Help us to rightly fear you God and not man or our temporal institutions. Help us to overcome evil with good.

Humble us. Remind us that we neither understand the past perfectly or grasp the future with certain clarity. Moreover we often wrongly assess both. Remind us, however, that omniscience is part of your perfect character. You know all perfectly – past, present, and future. Help us to find comfort, calm and confidence in this truth. Forgive us for our sinful anxiousness. Help us trust in your goodness and perfect will.

Pray for the churches around the country and particularly in the DC area. As the nation and our leaders strike out at each other, I pray that gospel-centered churches will be salt and light. Distinct from the strife going on around us. May our words build up, not tear down. May our words be filled with truth not marked by half-truths or deception. In our word and deed, help us to point to King Jesus, placing our confidence, trust and hope squarely upon the King of Kings whom one day, all knees will bow before. Until then, help us be faithful ambassadors in this world for your glory and honor.