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Preparing for Advent 2019

Christmas Eve event

Over the next weeks our anticipation, personally and corporately, begins to look forward to our celebration of Christmas. Christmas, more than any other annual celebration in the Christian calendar, has such a rich tradition of corporate and family singing. Singing Christmas carols and hymns can evoke such wonderful memories of our time together with our family or our worship as a church. This concentrated time of reflection on the wonder of God become man is enhanced significantly by our singing the truths of God's word with one another.  

In order to help equip you and your family to sing together and prepare you for the corporate singing we will participate in together, we wanted to list the songs we'll be singing in our corporate gatherings. We feel this list of Christmas hymns, carols, and songs best represents a faithful and robust view of Christ's advent, and will serve your families, Growth Groups, and us corporately to anticipate our celebration of Christmas together and our hope in Christ's ultimate return.