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Archives for January 2016

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Preparing for Sunday - Biblically Understanding Church Membership

Carefully Think Read through all four chapters of Colossians. Re-read chapter 3. What is the focus of chapter 3? Summarize each section of the chapter into a 2-3 word description. Focus on verses 12-17. How did you summarize these verses? How does Paul start verse 12? How does verses 12-17 related to 1-11? Is there a relationship that is important? These verses ar...

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Preparing for Sunday - God's Glory

Carefully Think How do you use these posts to prepare your hearts each Sunday? How would you prepare for something on a topic, rather than specific, consecutive verses? What is God's glory? Why is it so important? How would you be able to find out? What does the word glory mean? Look to define how we use it today? How is it used in Scripture? Using a concordance look...

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Preparing for Sunday - Sanctity of Human Life

Carefully Think Read Psalm 139:13-16. From these verses, list why life, even life in the womb, is important. List, from the passage mentioned above, what God had done with the psalmist. When did God do these things? Read Genesis 1:26-28. Why is a human's life most important? Why is it different from the animal world, according to this passage (and the verses preceding...

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Preparing for Sunday - The Importance of Expository Preaching: An Annual Reminder

Carefully Think We hear a lot of preaching at our church. How would you describe the purpose of preaching? Where would you go in the Bible to describe to a person why preaching is so important. List as many reasons as you can as to why expository preaching is essential to a Christian's growth? To a congregation's health? Read 2 Timonty 4:1-5. Why is preaching the Bib...

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