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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:11-15

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:5-15. Remind yourself of the main idea Jesus is promoting in the entire section. How does it relate to the main principle in 6:1? What is the difference in emphasis between 6:9-10 and 6:11-15? Why is the focus on "daily" bread? What does Jesus suggest motivates us praying for forgiveness (v 12). If God does not tempt us (James 1:13ff)...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:9-10

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:9-15. Recall last week's message; what are we praying for when we ask for God's name to be hallowed? What does it mean to "hallow" God's name? Who is being asked to "hallow" God's name? What is God's kingdom and when is it "coming?" How is God's will done in heaven? What are we praying when we ask for it to be done on earth? Prayerf...

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My Song is Love Unknown

Over the past several weeks, we have been corporately singing an old hymn by Samuel Crossman. Written in 1664, My Song is Love Unknownis a personal reflection upon the unsurpassed mercy of God in Christ's death and it's implications for sinful man. Much of the subtle simplicity of these gospel reflections, with its17th century english word order and poetic nuance, can be d...

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A Helpful Prayer Resource

A helpful resource to assist you in regularly praying for state and national leaders....

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:9-15

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:9-15. Think back on the points from last week's sermon on what should not mark righteous praying. How does this prayer in 6:9-15 counter what Jesus warned against in 6:5-8? List each request you see in 6:9-15. Look carefully at vv9-10 and vv 11-13 - what are the differences between these two portions of the prayer? What do the plural p...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:5-8

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:5-8. How does this illustrate the principle of 6:1? Why would Jesus use prayer to illustrate this principle? How does Jesus describe the hypocrites approach to prayer?What makes it hypocritical? What does Jesus indicate is the alternative way to approach prayer? Why would he suggest this approach? Verse 7 describes the prayer habits ...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:2-4

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:2-4 How does this illustrate the principle given in 6:1? Why is giving to the needy emphasized? What would the purpose be of announcing someone's giving by trumpet? Why would the synagogues and the streets be the place for the hypocrites to announce their giving? What is the key motivation of the hypocrites for drawing attention to the...

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Preparing for Sunday - Matthew 6:1

Carefully Think Read Matthew 6:1-18 What are the similar phrases and terms used in this section? What religious practices does Jesus highlight in this section? Why? How does 6:1 related to what Jesus said in 5:16? How are these passages similar and different? How are they not contradictory? In what ways does 6:1 serve as a general pricinple for 6:2-18? How is 6:1-1...

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Preparing for Sunday - Romans 15:22-29

Carefully Think Read Romans 15:22-29. Who is Paul writing to (Rom 1:7)? Why does Paul now feel he has the ability to go to Rome? In addition to visiting with the saints in Rome, what does Paul want to accomplish while with them? What ministry is he presently involved in as he writes to the Romans? When he finishes his present ministry task, what does he want to do? ...

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Elder Re-Affirmation Results

Sunday, October 21, following our morning worship gathering, Summit Woods Baptist Church voted to affirm or reject the Elder's recommendation that Rob Stouffer serve a second three year term as elder. Rob received far above the two-thirds majority vote required by our by-laws to begin serving a second term as an elder. We are grateful for God's leadership through His peo...

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