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Summer Highlights - Students at Ascend Camp Part 1

Summer time brings vacations, travel, and many other activities. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be posting some of the ministry activity that happened here at Summit Woods throughout the summer with our members, students, and children.  The next couple of weeks will focus on the Student ministry and summer camp.

How closely do you follow the student ministry?! For those with students in their own home, that is not a question, but as these young men and women continue to grow, we should be investing our lives into them, through prayer, coming alongside their families, and building relationships of discipleship.  We have the blessing of seeing God work in and through them and the Ascend camp is just one example. To find out more about Ascend please visit this link. 

For the next couple of weeks, you will see a few testimonies to the work God is doing in these students through the Ascend camp. Here are a few questions I posed to these students with the help of Madelyn S.

  1. What single point from the teaching impacted you the most?
  2. What was your favorite memory?
  3. What was the hardest thing for you over?

Isabel P:

  1. He is the point of your life, not a part.
  2. All the great chats and small groups with Miss Heather.
  3. I know we have a fairly large youth group, but all our girls are split into two groups and we don't really talk or anything. We're all missing out on great friendships, regardless of age or social status.

Jacob W:

  1. One of the teaching that impacted me the most is that we cannot fight the good fight alone and that I am my brother’s keeper and I am responsible for the people around me. This impacted me a lot because I know I'm not very good at being my brother’s keeper. I am too prideful to realize when I am in sin and need a brother or sister in Christ to tell me when I am sin and help me battle that sin since I am not strong enough to battle sin alone. 
  2. My favorite memory from camp is probably having Mike H teach me how to study the scripture through our devotional of first John. That was super rewarding to have a man like him take the time to teach me how to study the scriptures and how to apply the text placed in front of me and be able to interpret it correctly. Another favorite memory is when my small group did the "chopping block". We took turns confronting each other in sin and talked about the heart of the issue. I was amazed on how humbly everyone accepted the problem of the sin when confronted by it and shocked to even see some repentance come out of it during that week.
  3. One of the hardest things I heard over the week was during small groups when we were studying and being taught 1 John 3:4-10 by Mike and Jonathan. It reminded me when I live in sin that sin is lawlessness in the eyes of God and the very reason Jesus came was to take sin away from us. When I sin it is like I am a child of the devil not of God because a child of God only practices righteousness.