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Strengthening Your Marriage Equipping Class


New equipping classes for January through May begin this Sunday, January 8. The aim of our weekly Equipping Classes is to prepare members for effectively living out and serving others with the gospel. This Winter and Spring, we are excited to take some concentrated time to equip our members in five key areas: Bible Study, Sermon Study, Foundations, Christian Living and Theology. You can find more information about these classes on the Equipping Class page, however, we wanted to highlight a new class in Christian Living for us this semester.

The Strengthening Your Marriage equipping class is the result of a final analysis of Dr. Wayne Mack’s research on areas that are most affected or challenged in Christian marriages. The eight units (chapters) of the book are the eight primary areas that Dr. Mack identified as areas that must be given biblical attention for strengthening the covenant of holy marriage. This class will address these primary areas with a two-part approach to each chapter. The first part will be a lecture and overview of the topic and the second part will include class discussion and dialog. Each chapter is filled with Scripture references and fill-in the blanks for personal reflection and classroom discussion points. There will be plenty of Q & A time and the instructor/facilitator will attempt to target typical portions of the lesson that are relationally sensitive or sometimes problematic. This class will equip you to strengthen your own marriage as it prepares you to disciple others in a Christian marriage. It is recommended that everyone have their own copy of the book and sharing a book with a spouse is discouraged. This class, facilitated by Mark Hager and John McGee, will meet in the office area OF101.