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Preparing for Sunday - Titus 3

Carefully Think

  • Read Titus 1–3 for a full context.
  • Re-read Titus 3:1–8. Who is this section being addressed to?
  • In verse 3, what does the “for” tells us about how the preceding and current verses relate to one another?
  • In verse 4, how does the verse transition? What significance is that? Why would Paul remind us here of salvation? This thought continues all the way through verse 7; does this add any emphasis to these verses?
  • Verse 8 almost seems to not relate, how does it? What is Paul “insisting” on and why? What does this have to do with verse 1 and 2?

Prayerfully Meditate

  • Ask God to humble us in our hearts and display sinful attitudes we have that rebel against His perfect word in these Scriptures.
  • How do we take verse 1 into account when we think of our govenment leaders today? Do we display submissiveness? Obedience?
  • How would the Christians in the 1st century find us responding to our leaders as they understood these verses?
  • Thinking on our sinful state, before and after conversion, what should be our response to the lost (and saved) authorities over us?

Intentionally Act

  • Begin praying for leaders in our lives that have authority over us. Use something like Captial Commission to find government leaders to pray for.
  • Pray for leaders in our church: elders, staff, teachers and evaluate our attitudes in church towards them.
  • Pray that all in our body would be prayerfully and faithfully preparing themselves to submit to the authority of Scripture, God’s perfect and holy Word.
  • Pray for all unbelievers in attendance to be pierced to the heart by the Word and see their need for repentance and faith in Christ alone for salvation, submitting fully to Him as Lord and Savior.
  • Pray for those who will be leading our gathering this week: Dawson Bryant, music; Adam Naler, Elders' prayer and Scripture reading; Brett Harris, teaching.
  • Review and meditate on the lyrics of the songs we will sing this week. Listen to each of them so that you know them well enough to sing with understanding and zeal.

Songs for Sunday


Morning Gathering Lyrics - October 25, 2015