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Children's Ministry Blog

SWBC CM Re-Gathering Update

Grace and Peace!

I am very excited to be delivering information regarding our church body re-gathering and our return to children's ministry.

Below you will find key points for re-gathering this Sunday, June 7. I look to be communicating more details about summer events, Sunday updates, and more as the days progress. The update below will focus on the Worship Hour ministry.

Note: Promotion Sunday was already planned to shift to September. Sixth graders were engaged and are now active in Grounded Student Ministries. More information will come out soon regarding changes related to promoting children.

Where will my children go?

Children: 3-year-olds up through 6th grade

All children 3 years old and older will be with parents in the Worship Service. We recommend parents bring the materials they need for their children: Bibles, paper, pencils, colors, color sheets, books, etc. We will have limited resources available at the back of the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall.   You will find plastic bags of crayons and packets of papers for your children in case you don't have anything. Please use these as you need and take them with you at the end of the service.

Help for Parents during Worship Service

The rooms on the sanctuary are closed as normal (CH300 and CH302). The "cubbies" room (CH301) will be open to parents who need to bring their children out of service for any reason. We will have limited resources in that room for play and ask that you be with your children in there the entire time. The doors are labeled "Parents Room" for clear identification. CH306 at the end of the nursery hall will be reserved for overflow of the nursery rooms in case of need.

Children: Newborns up through 2-year-olds (up to 36 months)

If your child turned three between March through June you are welcome to bring them in at this time as well.

We ask that all children be free from any illness or appearance of illness. This includes fever, coughing, sneezing, and such. If you believe it to be allergies or teething or any other reason we are still asking that you keep your children at home at this time in consideration of others first. If we find a child that does appear to have any symptoms we will ask the parents to pick up their children and return home.


If you are aware of any first time visitors we ask that email me their information to enter it into the system before Sunday arrival to expedite the check-in process.

Drop Off / Pick Up - Children's Hall

We have made the children's hall a one-way cycle. You will enter the main hall from the foyer and walk to the check-in station where someone will check you in and print your tags for you. Signs are posted for the one-way flow and exit from the children's hall will be back into the sanctuary from the nursery side.

Picking up children will flow the same way as drop off. Please do not enter through the nursery side sanctuary doors but rather come back through the foyer down the children's hall to pick up children and exit again back into the sanctuary to leave for the morning.

Church doors open at 10 am. We ask that you drop off no earlier than 10:15 and pick up with 15 minutes of the service ending. We want to encourage fellowship for all who attend, especially for those who are serving these first few weeks back. We greatly appreciate your participation in ministering to the body in this way for those who are serving our families.

In class - Nursery Rooms

The children are going to have hand sanitizer as they enter the rooms then we will just wash as frequently as needed. No snacks or drinks will be offered to the 1 and 2-year-olds. Masks are not required but are available for workers and parents if desired. As normal we ask that parents drop their children at the classroom doors and avoid coming into the rooms. We will have limited toys in the rooms for children to play with and will have the normal lessons for 1 and 2-year-olds. We will sanitize after class all toys and high contact surfaces. We will be limiting class size and have a single overflow room for children if needed.

If you have any other questions or concerns please email me or contact me via phone.  

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