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Children's Ministry Summer Update - July 2020

To our SWBC church body and parents of children in any SWBC children's ministry, Grace and Peace! 

I would like to give you a brief update for the Children’s Ministry for this summer and some of the plans coming up. 


Currently, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place under Jackson County in phase II and even for phase III, we feel it will be in the best interest to cancel VBS for this year. 

VBS curriculum had already been reviewed and purchased for a two to three-year plan to switch to Answers in Genesis curriculum and continue the development of leaders and pursuing intentional discipleship and evangelism. 

Each year the focus will be on strong biblical teaching, coupled with developing leaders and teachers and exposing those inside and outside the church to the ministries we offer with their purpose and interconnected structure.  The evangelistic emphasis will include children within the church, and those churched families in our community, and the lost outside of the church with a clear presentation and explanation of the Gospel (God, man, Christ, response) to all participants and volunteers.

Below is the three-year plan:

  • Year one – Great Race – Focus on Unity – One Family, One Race, One Savior
  • Year two – Time Lab – Focus on Christ the One Savior – from Creation to Crown, across the biblical landscape.
  • Year three – pending annual post-assessments in years one and two to determine the next steps.

Children's Camp

We are pursuing a children’s camp for this summer.  We are contingent on seeing if we can even get in at Heartland Retreat Center in Parkville, MO.  It is tentatively scheduled for the end of July; more details will come out in the next week regarding updates and validating we can meet all criteria for the camp’s guidelines for COVID-19. 


If you are curious about Awana and finishing any books for last year - please reach out to your group directors to finalize awards.  We are working on the best way to distribute those awards either prior to fall or right at fall startup.  Directors: Puggles - Nancy Mosely; Cubbies - Katelyn Sundin; Sparks - Rachel Stouffer; T&T - Julie Harris

Fall Announcement

Also, a special announcement!  We are planning for a fall event that will be Church inclusive (Adults, GSM, M&M, VBS, etc.).  That is all the details I will release at this time – pray for the opportunity to become a reality for this fall!

As always, please let me know of questions, clarification, thoughts, or concerns you have for me regarding the Children’s Ministry. 

Serving to Equip the Saints to do the Work of the Ministry!

In His glorious grace, Sam SDG