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God's Guarantee of Complete Fellowship

May 16, 2020 Speaker: Bret Capranica Series: Hebrews

Topic: Sunday Morning Gathering Passage: Hebrews 7:20–7:28

Here are some questions to guide your discussion if you’re able to meet today:

  • Why do we need a high priest?
  • How does the completeness of Jesus’ high priesthood completely fulfill God’s purpose for us?
  • How does the oath Jesus received as high priest demonstrate the superiority of his priesthood to any other?
    • How does this oath bring us certainty in our salvation?
  • Why is the new covenant a better covenant?
  • How is Jesus a complete high priest according to vv. 23-24?
    • How does this bring us assurance and hope?
  • What is Jesus’ role in bringing us into fellowship w/God and keeping us in fellowship w/God according to v. 25?
  • What does Jesus’ intercession on our behalf look like? (Perhaps turn to John 17 if you have time)
  • What are some practical implications of the completeness of Jesus’ sacrifice we see in vv. 26-27?
  • How do we, at times, deny the completeness of the work of Christ?
  • How can you use this passage to bring truth to your mind in times of doubt concerning your salvation?
  • How might you use this passage to share the gospel with a Roman Catholic?

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