April 26, 2020

Melchizedek, Christ, the Coronavirus and Us - Part 3

Speaker: Bret Capranica Series: Hebrews Topic: Sunday Morning Gathering Passage: Hebrews 7:11–19

Do you tend to lean toward perfectionism or mediocrity? How do either of these sinful tendencies lead to difficulty in your life and relationships?

How is the perfection of Jesus the solution for both sinful perfectionism and sinful mediocrity?

How have trials exposed the emptiness of what you love and pursue?

How do trials also expose the perfection of Jesus? What does it not “feel” this way sometimes?

How does Jesus’ priesthood change our relationship to the OT law?

How do those changes bring us into complete connection with God?

How does communion with God shape our lives? How should it specifically shape the way we view trials?

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