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Sunday Review - Matthew 23:37-24:3

This past Sunday, Pastor Bret described 2 attitudes toward Eschatology (end times teachings) that were not recommended. One is to avoid thinking about it, the other is to obsess over it.

One key reason we should engage our minds and the Scriptures toward end times matters is that the enemy is out to decieve us about such things (Matthew 24:4). Indeed, 1 John 2:18 explains that it is the last hour, and that many antichrists have already come, teaching false doctrines in order to deceive the church. Therefore we should be informed and on guard!

One reason to avoid excessive preoccupation with interpreting the doctrine of Eschatology is that we need a well-rounded diet from the Word of God, and Last times doctrine is not the only teaching we need to consider in order to be effective disciple-makers in fulfilling the Great Commission through the Great Commandment.

Do you find yourself near either end of this spectrum of interest? Are you oblivious to the Scriptural teaching about Christ’s second coming? Worse, do you know more about the end times from movies and novels than the Bible? Maybe you are closer to the other side of the scale, and feel that you can’t respect a brother or sister in Christ who doesn’t see prophesy working out the same way you do. Don’t be ashamed to repent of your extereme interest/lack of interest!

As you adjust yourself to an approprate level of interest, review the text and sermon this week and remember the key point from Matthew 23:37-24:3: Though “these things” includes the destruction of the temple, the return of Christ is primarily about the end of this age (And the start of the age to come!)

Grace and Peace